Update: Completed project of replacing old lining with new on Vintage Coat.

Image of hand-stitchingImage of new liningNew Lining hand-stitched back to coatImage of finished Vtg coatNew buttons sewn. Coat is finished!Original lining shown on ‘Margorie”.  Sometimes linings can be salvage. Not this one. It is in poor condition. I have decided to replace this lining with a new lining

Inside of outer shell..old lining & innerweaved lining separated from main coat.ffIniInner lining salvaged, stitched back into coat



The inner lining is interesting! Relatively in good shape for its wear. There is felting sandwiched between a large weave woven fabric. It will stay. It is usable.

Layout and inspect for any necessary repairs. Drape on form and stitch to coat. Allow hem to relax. I ended up cutting off 6″ off the hem. There was too much bulk and wanted a softer hang.

Two rows of basting along hemline, trim off excess

Black lining story next.

Ive been asked to line a beautiful vintage coat. I plan on using the draping method. This blog will demonstrate the progress from start to satisfied client finish.

Images of the coat inside and out

View of old lining from the back

The original lining will be pulled from coat. There is a wonderful large-weave interface underneath that I will keep. It appears to be in great shape. Images on this interfacing soon.

The lining’s cut is unique by contemporary standards. Cant wait to rip away, press and prep as pattern for new lining.

Did I say I was going to drape.? Well, I’ll drape something else another time.  Id rather flat pattern the piece. Following original lines will keep the vintage authenticity pure.

The satisfaction of reproducing vintage clothing is rewarding. Deviating from this somehow takes away from the beauty & quality of the coats original life. Wouldn’t you agree?

Back image of Vintage Coat. The outer black lining has been removed. The original large weave inner facing will stay. If you notice in the images below, we will need to rip the black lining away from the weaved inner lining. No problem! 🙂

Lining and inner lining partially exposed The next step is to rip this portion separate! I can then take the black lining, rip that apart, press and prepare for new pattern This particular lining has interesting cuts. We can explore this design further.

Stay tune!

Samantha’s new scrug, hat and handwarmers.

Two knit helmets for two special pugsKnitting for Pugs

LMTcostumeclothingdesign..a colorful crochet dress of fine cotton thread. This dress is in its final stages of completion. We need to add straps in such a way so it can be worn multi-functinal, as a skirt and as a cape.

ABCs in a Purse was designed for great niece, Samantha. She is beyond 2 now and simply an adorable addition to our family. Her purse is crocheted in pastel color yarn with  3″ alphabets. What a fun way to learn your ABCs!

Great nephew, Joey is 5 yrs. old now. Imagine the delight as he learns his ABCs from this crocheted alphabet set with very own knitted hat!






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